Front squats and bench press oh my

Day 4 of virtuosity week  How do you feel?

Front squats and bench press oh my


ISO/Stab- 4 sets Dead bug home position 30 s right into contralateral deadbugs for 30s

Primal- Front Squats 3 x 5 @ 33x1

Accessory- Single Arm (KB) Lunge w/ side flexion 2 x 50ft

Primal- Bench Press 3 x 5 @ 31x2 (2 seconds at the top to reset the elbows)

Accessory- Slide Push Ups 25 total reps (L+R=1)

Skill- Tempo Runs

6 x 100m 75% effort

Rest 1 min.  All runs need to be with 95% of each other.  Find out what tempo feels like.

Cool Down

400m walk after last run